1517 23RD ST

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Des Moines
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Basic Building Information
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1517-1519 23rd St

"Ornate Italianate brackets support a low-pitched hip roof. The building is primarily stucco with wood banding adding some accent.

A two-story solarium addition on the southwest portion of the house appears to have been added after the building's original construction and has some Craftsman features. The solarium footprint is not shown on a 1937 Sanborn Map. The solarium addition has double-hung windows in a three-over-one configuration. Additional stairways have also been added to the exterior of the building.

The building may have been built as a single-family residence but has been used as two-family residence since at least 1908 (per city directory). The building was converted to a four-plex by 1970.

The property sis on two 40-foot lots in the Williamson Place. The majority of houses on 23rd Street occupy only one lot and have more Craftsman features. The houses on Clark Street, the nearest east/west street, are more Victorian in massing and detail.

City Directory Listings
(Due to time constraints, the 1908 directory was the earliest year that was researched)

1908 / 1517: F.W. Humphrey, printer
1519: W.B. Lowe, insurance agent and Frank Lowe Bookkeeper at Midway Coal

1920 / 1517: Elbert Barclay, clerk at Post Office
1519: William McGrone, no occupation listed

1938 / 1517: Fred Johnson, conductor
1519: Howard J. Wright, M.D. at 418 - Sixth Ave.

1946 / 1517: Arthur A. Geil (Grace), Clerk, Chamberlain Co. of America, weather strip manufacturers and installers
1519: Harry S. Hatfield (Eliz), USN"

Source: Site Inventory Form prepared by mary Neiderbach, project manager, City of Des Moines, Community Development Department, 8/19/1999

Building Uses
Historic Domestic Uses: 
Apartment building
Physical Description
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Exterior Walls: 
Roof Material: 
Shingle - Asphalt
Resident Name: 
1908 City Directory
Resident Name: 
1908 City Directory

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